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Our Campaign to Save Lives: A re-imagined approach to preventing suicide.  A 988 hotline that can be a life ring.

See Kathleen Finlay’s interview on CTV National News with Lisa LaFlamme

Suicide is becoming an epidemic among some population groups in Canada. Victims of gender-based violence and bullying are especially at risk, as are members of our indigenous communities. We call for a new approach and fresh thinking to address this public health crisis, including a national 988 hotline network that can save lives. It’s time for a national action strategy to save lives.

Kathleen Finlay’s latest op-ed in The Hill Times, calling for appointment of a
federal gender-based anti-violence Commissioner.

For more than a year, PatientProtection.Healthcare and the ZeroNow Campaign have called for federal action to address gender-based gaps in healthcare and in the well-being of victims of sexual violence. In Prime Minister Trudeau’s mandate letter of December 2019 to the Minister of Health, the federal government committed to developing an action plan to reduce gender-related health gaps. Kathleen Finlay’s Hill Times op-ed is part of a series of articles and commentaries that provide insight into a way forward that can produce genuine game-changing outcomes.  

Kathleen Finlay interviewed on CTV National News

The case of Toronto rapper John River (Matthew John Derrick-Huie), who went to the doctor with chest pains and shortness of breath in 2017 and embarked on a two-year medical nightmare.

“Kathleen Finlay, the CEO and founder of The Center for Patient Protection, called River’s treatment “appalling.”

“Anytime a person presents multiple times to a hospital or a health-care provider for the same symptoms or worsening of their symptoms, that should send up big red flags, that should not be happening,” she said.

See video on, disrespect, disbelief and emotional harm in healthcare.

Kathleen Finlay interviewed on CBC’s Go Public

Calls medical errors a silent epidemic that needs to be treated as a public healthcare crisis.

Urges creation of healthcare equivalent of NTSB to investigate and reduce critical hospital errors like surgery ‘never’ events.

Those mishaps are part of a “silent epidemic,” according to advocate Kathleen Finlay, founder of the Center for Patient Protection, an independent,Toronto-based group aimed at improving health care.

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