Life-threatening cut of GIS benefits for low-income seniors needs action

Federal government unmoved by pleas for compassion to help elderly caught in another Covid-19 trap

The Center for Patient Protection and PatientProtection.Healthcare, always staunch champions for compassion and against ageism, continues to receive horror stories from low-income seniors who have had their GIS benefits cut off because they received the CERB last year. You can read the backstory here.

Even though they stopped receiving CERB benefits in 2020, many who would otherwise receive the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) have been left with ONLY the Old Age Security pension benefit, forcing them to struggle to survive on $776 a month for a single senior.  How could anyone live on that? The toll this is taking is pretty alarming based on the reports we are getting. If you have a story about the cut-off of GIS benefits for yourself or a loved one, let us know. We will not share your name or details with anyone without your permission. We are doing our best to advocate for a reinstatement of the GIS benefit for those caught in this terribly unfair, and even life-threatening, trap. (see Kathleen Finlay’s Hill Times op-ed below)

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Kathleen Finlay’s latest in the Hill Times, calling for an emergency debate in the House of Commons to restore GIS cuts to low-income seniors.


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