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Building on lived experiences and innovative thinking to create better outcomes and more compassionate care in patient safety, mental health delivery and reduction of suicide risk.



Gender violence and sexual harassment carry huge physical and emotional consequences for victims. They can be life-altering. They can last for years, even decades. It is a healthcare issue that needs to be addressed more comprehensively by governments, healthcare providers, health professionals and the legal community.  


The sequelae unleashed by NDAs and the trauma of institutional betrayal should themselves be enough to throw these artifacts of abuse into the dustbin of history.”  — Kathleen Finlay

A call on Canada’s Parliament to ban these instruments of personal destruction.    




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Kathleen Finlay talks with CTV’s Angie Seth on bringing 988 to Canada





Kathleen Finlay interviewed on CBC News.




Audio interview from CBC Radio News flagship The World at Six


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One of the oldest healing tools in medicine is still one of the best, and least expensive: Compassion.


The Center for Patient Protection, now a part of PatientProtection.Healthcare, works to improve patient outcomes and family experiences by putting compassion at the heart of every part of the healthcare process.  With our deep knowledge base of lived experiences shared by thousands of patients and families over the past two decades, we work to strengthen safer patient- and family-focused care, campaign to remove gender-based healthcare gaps and advocate transformative improvements in mental health and suicide prevention services. Compassion and innovation drive our mission and the work of our lab in creating outside-the-box solutions when old ways begin to fail. We value, honour and work to embed inclusion, diversity, equity and respect throughout the healthcare system.  They are an integral part of The Center’s healing healthcare virtues.

Recognized around the world for our impassioned voice in raising awareness about the importance of compassion-based patient and family partnerships in building safer care models, and standing for the most vulnerable as they navigate their healthcare needs, we are the oldest fully independent patient-centered advocacy and the first to offer an online outreach and advocacy clinic to provide trauma-informed support to patients and families struggling with the emotional pain of medical errors.

We’re not aiming to defy gravity.  We’re just trying to land caring and compassion where they are most needed in our healthcare systems and in the everyday world.

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Visit Kathleen Finlay’s new advocacy and advisory service specializing in building trauma-informed practices and innovative policies for mitigating harm, fostering healing and spearheading a culture of caring.  We’re bringing compassion to life in governments, public institutions and private corporations.

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