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If you are a healthcare reporter, investigative journalist or talk show producer, we’re always happy to share our insights and perspectives on stories about patient safety, medical errors in the hospital setting and about the consequences when accountability mechanisms fail in healthcare systems. Here’s what we can do:

  • We provide a voice that is passionate, authentic and informed on breaking news, as well as on broad patient safety issues. 
  • Our voice is always guided by the countless patients and families who have regularly shared their experiences about hospital harm since our founding. The public, in particular, appreciates this perspective, but such stories also get the needed attention of healthcare professionals and policy makers. 
  • Our views are based on more than just theory. Kathleen Finlay, The Center for Patient  Protection’s founder, had a life-changing family experience with the consequences of hospital harm. Her mother, Lorraine Finlay, was subjected to more medical errors than any patient in recorded patient safety literature. She survived only because her family decided, prompted by their faith and love, to bring her home and take over her care. It was a move that brought an end to the repeated life-threatening breakdowns in care and medical errors that occurred during her six-month-long hospital stay, including three months in Canada’s largest academic hospital. Her prognosis at the time of her discharge was “demise imminent.” So extraordinary was Kathleen’s devoted caregiving for her mother that she went on to live another six years. Lorraine enjoyed a recovery that set medical records for a patient of her age and injuries. Surrounded by her loving family, her beloved pets and the memories of a life well lived, in 2017 Lorraine peacefully took her final breath in the same home where she had taken her first, 95 years earlier. In a moving tribute, The Globe and Mail said “Lorraine had an unswerving compassion for all things living.” You can read more about Kathleen’s harrowing journey with her mother, in Medscape’s Doctor Don’t Give Up on Me.  Kathleen has spoken passionately in media interviews over the years about her personal story, which has served to inspire other patients and families about the importance of faith and hope in medical recovery and the need to stamp out ageism in healthcare, which Kathleen has dubbed the “thief of hope”.
  • Hospital harm is the third leading cause of death in both the United States and Canada. Kathleen often speaks about why it needs to be treated as the healthcare emergency it is, and what steps can be taken to reduce the spread of this epidemic. Her role as a champion of patient safety, and her powerful voice as an advocate for the most vulnerable, make her a compelling spokesperson for the concerns of patients and families everywhere who are demanding safer care.  
  • Kathleen is regularly quoted on the impact of medical errors on patients and families, on ageism in the hospital setting, on patient access to healthcare information and medical charts,  end-of-life concerns and the impact of the taxpayer-funded Canadian Medical Protective Association.  She has called for a national strategy to address serious gender-based barriers to safe care for women and victims of sexual violence, and is a leading proponent of a re-imagined, and urgently needed, approach to suicide prevention.
  • Kathleen regularly appears in the media, including The Toronto Star and The Times Colonist and flagship news programs like CTV National News, CBC’s The National and Go Public and news-talk broadcasts, like Charles Adler Tonight.  She is a frequent contributor to The Hill Times, Now Magazine and for six years was a regular commentator on medical issues in The Huffington Post.  A clip from a recent interview on CTV National News appears on the side. 

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