Welcome to The Center for Patient Protection

The Center for Patient Protection is the experience-driven voice of patients and families everywhere seeking to be engaged in safer care, delivered with compassion and respect.

Our unique and independent platform, recognized world-wide, helps to enhance the quality of patient and family engagement, produce more positive healthcare outcomes and support those who have been harmed to recover from the trauma of medical errors.

We advocate for game-changing policy changes to strengthen transparency, disclosure and engagement — the indispensable pillars of any enduring relationship of trust in healthcare systems. We apply our extensive knowledge-base of patient and family narratives shared with us over many years to build patient safety tools and practical partnership – engagement solutions. We work with the media and in the political arena to challenge harmful barriers that keep patients and families silent and prevent meaningful  accountability, like healthcare’s infamous deny and defend culture, the taxpayer-funded Canadian Medical Protective Association and insider bias that frequently thwarts true patient and family partnership in their healthcare experiences.

One of the most crucial, yet under-asked, questions by healthcare providers is, “What do patients and families want?”  We know the answer because they tell us every day. And what they say is paramount to the interests of healthcare professionals as well as patients and families themselves.

Hospital Harm by the Numbers

Number of incidents of harm in U.S. hospitals every day.
Number of patients harmed in Canadian hospitals every year.
Canada's safety ranking for post surgery objects among 12 OECD countries. (Higher number is worse)
Number of foreign objects left in patients after surgery for past 2 years in Canada.
Number of patient deaths in Canada every year because of medical errors in hospitals. (Some estimates, such as UHN's, are higher)
One Billion dollars: The estimated annual cost of hospital errors just in Ontario.

That’s equivalent to a 1,117-bed hospital operating at 100% capacity every day for a year.

Snapshots of Harm

What do patients & families want?

Healing Virtues

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