If you or a loved one has had an unsatisfactory experience with a hospital, encountered an unnecessary risk to safety, or suffered medical or emotional harm, we know how upsetting that can be. Often, it can seem like no one is listening. That’s one of the reasons we make our Hospital Incident Report system available to patients and families.  It’s free and completely anonymous. 

The information you provide may be used to support The Center for Patient Protection’s goals of higher standards of safety, transparency and accountability in the hospital setting. These are overwhelmingly the principled objectives that patients and families who have suffered hospital harm and medical errors tell us are most important to them.

The Center for Patient Protection is among the first healthcare advocacy organizations to offer this kind of online reporting of incidents and experiences for patients and families. It is not intended to be a substitute for reporting medical errors, injuries or complaints to appropriate healthcare authorities, including professional disciplinary bodies and medical boards.  We urge you to consider these options if harm has occurred. 


If healthcare institutions, and especially hospitals, are to achieve the level of patient protection society expects and patients and families demand, it is imperative that those who have been harmed and their families have a chance to tell their stories — and healthcare providers listen to those experiences. Reporting adverse events and how institutions manage patient and family concerns is a vital step toward achieving transparency and accountability in the healthcare system and ensuring that hospitals acknowledge, and learn from, their mistakes.

As noted above, you do not need to include your name or any other identifying information in order to complete the report.  But if you wish to advise us of your specific situation, please contact us separately via email and include the necessary information so we may respond if appropriate.


Thank you for taking the time to complete this report. Working together, patients and their families can make a genuine difference in the quality of medical care provided and in the standards followed by those entrusted with our care.


You may begin your report by clicking this link to the form on our site.


More of our initiatives can be found by visiting our PatientProtection.Healthcare Lab.