Medical errors in the hospital setting are the third leading cause of death in Canada and the United States. More than 100,000 patients experience medical harm in the hospital setting each year in Canada. Millions are harmed every year in the United States. More foreign objects are left in Canadians after surgery than in any other reporting OECD country.  Many patients and family members have been traumatized not just by the effects of medical harm, but the way providers and healthcare professionals have responded to their concerns, which frequently includes a wall of silence, if not a full blown deny and defend reaction.

The Outreach Clinic of The Center for Patient  Protection was the first online service of its kind, providing support to patients and families not even offered by government funded healthcare institutions. For nearly a decade, patients and families from around the world have reached out for help in their journey through the maze of hospital harm and its aftermath. For more information, please contact us here.  Please make sure you read our note to users of our services.