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Kathleen Finlay interviewed on iHeatRadio

Kathleen Finlay was interviewed on iHeartRadio about her campaign to bring a three-digit 988 suicide prevention hotline to Canada. Here’s a clip of the interview.

Kathleen Finlay interviewed on CTV National News on Bell’s Let’s Talk Day

Kathleen Finlay was interviewed on CTV National News with Lisa LaFlamme in an Avis Favro report about Kathleen’s campaign to bring a three-digit 988 suicide prevention hotline to Canada. Here’s the video. The extended CTV News interview and on-line story are available here. 

Kathleen Finlay interviewed by CTV National News

The case of Toronto rapper John River (Matthew John Derrick-Huie), who went to the doctor with chest pains and shortness of breath in 2017 and embarked on a two-year medical nightmare. “Kathleen Finlay, the CEO and founder of The Center for Patient Protection, called River’s treatment “appalling.” “Anytime a person presents multiple times to a […]

Kathleen Finlay interviewed on CBC National News Go Public

Kathleen Finlay interviewed on CBC’s Go Public Calls medical errors a silent epidemic that needs to be treated as a public healthcare crisis.  Urges creation of healthcare equivalent of TSB to investigate and reduce critical hospital errors like surgery ‘never’ events. Those mishaps are part of a “silent epidemic,” according to advocate Kathleen Finlay, founder of […]

Kathleen Finlay interviewed on Charles Adler Tonight

Kathleen Finlay was a guest on Charles Adler Tonight, the national broadcast of the Global Radio Network. She was interviewed on medical errors, surgery harms and the Canadian healthcare system.

Kathleen Finlay Interviewed by CTV News on Disrespectful Viral Video

Patients and families, often already under enormous stress and worry, don’t need healthcare professionals mocking and disbelieving them. The woman in the video calls herself a nurse. My mother was a nurse. I know many nurses. This is no nurse in the true sense of that word. She has re-traumatized many patients and families, reminding […]