Betrayal. And that was just the beginning.

Government cuts to GIS benefits for low-income seniors have caused a train wreck of every possible toxic outcome from this forced descent into poverty, including death and suicide.


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WHO FILL HAVE A FUTURE IN A POST-PANDEMIC CANADA? The shameful treatment of its poorest seniors, along with other vulnerable groups too long forgotten, needs a national inquiry.

Canada once had a reputation for being a caring society. But the way the federal government has treated its lowest income seniors is nothing short of a national scandal.  Even after huge public pressure forced it to set things right, it continues to inflict life-threatening harm on the poorest and most vulnerable seniors with each passing day.

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Kathleen Finlay in another compassion conversation with CTV News Channel anchor Angie Seth.

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Making compassion the new normal. Every major organization needs to be rethinking its compassion agenda. For some, like Canada’s scandal-plagued military and the RCMP, that means moving from a culture of institutional betrayal to one of institutional compassion.

Conversations on Compassion:  My year-end interview with CTV New Channel anchor Angie Seth about cuts to the lowest income seniors, clawback of GIS benefits and other forms of institutional betrayal.




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After repeated pleas to MPs, Senators and cabinet ministers for more than a year to support Kathleen Finlay’s proposal to bring 9-8-8 suicide prevention technology to Canada, showcased in her interview with CTV National News (see video below), the House of Commons finally voted in December 2020 to support the idea. Only one MP participated in the debate. No one else said a word. No mention was made by anyone of the family-victim campaign that introduced this life-saving innovation to Canada.  The introduction of 9-8-8 has been stalled in hearings before the CRTC ever since.  In all those months, no one from that agency has ever contacted the person who introduced the idea to Canada.




Kathleen Finlay on why Canada needs a new 988 lifeline system for better mental health delivery and suicide prevention.


Interview on CTV National News on the dangers of wrong diagnosis.