Kathleen Finlay is founder of The Center for Patient Protection and CEO of PatientProtection.Healthcare, an innovator in 21st century patient and family engagement practices. It was an abrupt change in life’s journey that followed the near-death of her mother from a succession of painful medical errors and breakdowns in care at Canada’s leading teaching hospital.

Today, PatientProtection.Healthcare speaks for patients and families everywhere who are looking for safer healthcare and support in their healing because healthcare providers failed to deliver the care entrusted to them. PatientProtection.Healthcare innovates, designs and nurtures experience-based tools and protocols to reduce patient harms and improve healthcare outcomes.  

An unwavering voice for the rights of women, Kathleen spearheaded PatientProtection.Healthcare’s Safer Women Health Initiative to combat gender-based barriers to safe healthcare for women.  She is founder of The Zer0Now Campaign™, which supports and advocates for victims of sexual violence and sexual harassment and promotes trauma-informed practices among institutions and the major players that interact with victims. 

The Zer0Now Campaign™ has been responsible for advancing important changes in laws and institutional practices intended to reduce the prevalence of sexual violence and sexual harassment and the harmful forms of institutional betrayal that frequently confront victims who come forward. Several of The Zer0Now Campaign’s™ flagship recommendations presented to the House of Commons in 2018 by Kathleen were adopted by Canada’s Parliament and are now enshrined in law addressing sexual misconduct in government departments and agencies and in federally-regulated entities. 

Sexual violence is a clinically recognized contributor to emotional trauma and adverse physical conditions and diagnostic errors involving female victims. Yet its understanding in the wider community, and even among healthcare professionals, is still far from adequate. Kathleen has been called upon to advise senior lawmakers and legislators on these issues.

Kathleen is a tireless champion of a reimagined approach to suicide prevention. Suicide is a public healthcare crisis across society and is deserving of a more urgent response to the challenges it poses. Kathleen has written and spoken extensively on the subject of suicide and self-harm, including its high risk among victims of sexual violence.  

Prior to founding The Center for Patient  Protection and PatientProtection.Healthcare, Kathleen held senior positions in public finance and intergovernmental affairs and in the regulation of Canada’s capital markets.

A much-quoted expert in patient safety from the patient and family perspective, Kathleen’s authentic and passionate voice has made her a sought-after commentator in the media and on op-ed pages. She is a regular contributor to The Huff­in­g­ton Post, The Hill Times, and Now Magazine. She has appeared on CBC’s flagship news program “The National” as well as CBC Radio and has been frequently interviewed on CTV National News and other media outlets.