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Kath­leen Fin­lay writes in The Hill Times News­pa­per on the unheed­ed and unad­dressed health impli­ca­tions of sex­u­al assault and sex­u­al harass­ment on women 

Devel­op­ing sit­u­a­tion…

Low‐Income Seniors Being Thrown Off
Ontario Government’s Drug Co‐payment Pro­gram 

Min­is­ter of Health Ignores Pleas for Help

NOTE TO CHRISTINE ELLIOTT, MINISTER OF HEALTH: Three weeks ago, I wrote to you, and copied your chief of staff, on reports being received by The Cen­ter for Patient Pro­tec­tion that low income seniors, who had been receiv­ing ben­e­fits under Ontario’s Seniors Drug Co‐payment Pro­gram, were sud­den­ly being thrown off the pro­gram and left to pay the $100 annu­al deductible and $6.00 per pre­scrip­tion dis­pens­ing fee on their own.  When your income is already less than $20,000 a year, these added fees can cause seri­ous hard­ship and med­ical risk. Yet you chose to ignore my out­reach entire­ly and respond­ed with a wall of silence.  Why?  Con­tin­ue to full sto­ry…



An Impor­tant Note to Vis­i­tors from

The Cen­ter for Patient Pro­tec­tion

Patient Access to Med­ical Records is a Must for Safer Health­care 

Finan­cial bar­ri­ers, like high fees for patient infor­ma­tion, reduce patient empow­er­ment, thwart account­abil­i­ty and risk adverse out­comes

The Cen­ter for Patient Pro­tec­tion has received dozens of inquiries and com­ments from patients and fam­i­ly mem­bers about con­tin­u­ing dif­fi­cul­ties with the afford­abil­i­ty of obtain­ing records of their hos­pi­tal treat­ment. Pub­lic inter­est in the sub­ject was recent­ly ignit­ed Con­tin­ue read­ing full sto­ry.



Do These Multi‐Million Dol­lar Doc­tors Real­ly Need Legal Aid?These ten doc­tors each billed Ontario tax­pay­ers more than $3 mil­lion last year. Do they real­ly need a med­ical legal aid sys­tem also paid by tax­pay­ers?Read more…


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