Canadian Doctors Should Learn to Apologize

The Center for Patient Protection has heard from many families across Canada, the U.S. and  Great Britain about their horrible hospital experiences.  Almost none ever received an apology. It could have made such a difference, and at little cost to the healthcare providers and professionals involved. Published in The Huffington Post

Deny And Defend Culture Weakens Trust In Healthcare System

(Published in The Huffington Post) On a late Sunday night one recent long weekend, I was contacted by a family who was distressed over the treatment their elderly father was receiving in the hospital. I operate an online outreach clinic for patients and families through The Center for Patient Protection. It has helped thousands over […]

Healthcare Complaints: The Casino Where Patients and Families Seldom Win

  It’s time for a top-to-bottom review of just how user-friendly and fair our healthcare complaint bodies really are.  You expect that casinos are going to be slanted in favor of the house. But you don’t imagine those kind of odds when it comes to complaints about hospitals and healthcare providers that may have caused […]