Kathleen Finlay quoted in CTV News story

$1,100 hospital bill for dead father’s medical records prompts petition Published Friday, October 4, 2019 10:52AM EDT A Toronto woman who says a hospital charged her more than $1,100 to access her deceased father’s medical records is petitioning the Ontario government to enforce fee regulations and increase transparency in the health-care system. Read full story. […]

Interview with Winnipeg Free Press

Kathleen Finlay was interviewed by Tessa Vanderhart for a story on the high costs of obtaining medical records.  

CTV News interview

We are paying as taxpayers for a healthcare system that harms us, and the perversity of it is that we have to pay again to defend the doctors who have done the harm. If that isn’t perverse I don’t know what is. —Kathleen Finlay, founder and CEO, The Center for Patient Protection, CTV National News […]

Interview on Global News Radio

Kathleen Finlay was interviewed on The Morning Show on Global News Radio in connection recent stories involving the high cost of medical records. When healthcare providers make access to patient records unaffordable, they compromise the trust and transparency that is necessary for positive healthcare outcomes. Listen to the interview here.

Interview with CTV News (online edition)

Kathleen Finlay was interviewed by CTV News on a story concerning the high costs of patients accessing their medical records.  In this case, a family was initially charged more than $1000 to see their late father’s hospital record. It is the kind of barrier that reduces transparency and patient and family engagement, and a contributor […]

Interview with Evan Solomon iHeart Radio Network

Kathleen Finlay was interviewed by Evan Solomon on the high cost in human and financial terms of medical errors.  The program streams across Canada and into the United States.   Kathleen Finlay interviewed on the Evan Solomon Show on the iHeart Radio Network. (Listen to a clip here).

When Toxic Work Culture Adds To The Trauma Of Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct can be fatal. A heartbreaking reminder of that reality came in July with the sudden passing of Krista Carle, a former RCMP constable who took her own life after battling the trauma of sexual harassment at the hands of Canada’s iconic police force. Former RCMP member Ms. Krista Carle in Victoria, B.C., on March […]

When Hospitals Do More Harm than Good

Published in The Huffington Post, November 1, 2013 The silent killer that stalks hospitals everywhere There is a medical emergency rolling across the land and into its hospital rooms. No drug is available to cure it, and it can be as lethal as any superbug. It is the epidemic of hospital medical errors that is […]

We Need More Patients and Families Speaking Up for Safer Hospitals

More and more families are giving voice to hospital horror stories so that what happened to their loved ones, and mine, does not happen again. Standing up for safer care after a hospital has inflicted harm is never easy for a family. In many cases, the patient does not get to be part of that […]

A world-class medical error

(Published in The Huffington Post, October 8, 2014) Thomas Eric Duncan, the patient who was sent home by a Texas hospital even while presenting with the early stages of the Ebola virus, has died. Each day, families around the world face the tragedy of medical errors and hospital mistakes that end in death or extreme […]