Interview on Global News Radio

Kathleen Finlay was interviewed on The Morning Show on Global News Radio in connection recent stories involving the high cost of medical records. When healthcare providers make access to patient records unaffordable, they compromise the trust and transparency that is necessary for positive healthcare outcomes. Listen to the interview here.

Interview with CTV News (online edition)

Kathleen Finlay was interviewed by CTV News on a story concerning the high costs of patients accessing their medical records.  In this case, a family was initially charged more than $1000 to see their late father’s hospital record. It is the kind of barrier that reduces transparency and patient and family engagement, and a contributor […]

Interview with Evan Solomon iHeart Radio Network

Kathleen Finlay was interviewed by Evan Solomon on the high cost in human and financial terms of medical errors.  The program streams across Canada and into the United States.   Kathleen Finlay interviewed on the Evan Solomon Show on the iHeart Radio Network. (Listen to a clip here).

Do these multi-million dollar doctors really need legal aid?

            Each of the ten doctors pictured above billed Ontario taxpayers more than $3 million in 2017-2018, according to a ground-breaking investigation by the Toronto Star. Kathleen Finlay, founder of the The Center for Patient Protection, was interviewed for the Star series. Like all Canadian doctors, a large chunk of […]

Kathleen Finlay interviewed for Toronto Star series

    From the Toronto Star’s May Warren’s interview with Kathleen Finlay — June 2019 I’ve been pushing for greater transparency at all levels of health care for some time — everything from hospital safety ratings and medical error disclosure to a national data bank for disciplinary actions/decisions involving professional misconduct and, importantly, sexual abuse of […]

What Patients and Families Can Teach Hospitals About Avoiding Harm

(Newest from The Huffington Post) Delivering healing care to patients and families in the aftermath of medical errors, and their emotional impacts, ought to be a core function of every provider, too. A recent Canadian study for all provinces except Quebec reported that one in 18 hospitalized patients experienced avoidable medical errors in 2014 – […]

When Toxic Work Culture Adds To The Trauma Of Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct can be fatal. A heartbreaking reminder of that reality came in July with the sudden passing of Krista Carle, a former RCMP constable who took her own life after battling the trauma of sexual harassment at the hands of Canada’s iconic police force. Former RCMP member Ms. Krista Carle in Victoria, B.C., on March […]

Our System Does More to Protect Doctors Than the Patients They’ve Harmed

Making organizations like the CMPA rich should not be the goal, or result, of government policy. Protecting patients  should be. Canadians who experience medical harm at the hands of the healthcare system they pay for are often chagrined to learn that, if they pursue their legal remedies in court, they are also footing the bill […]

Canadian Doctors Should Learn to Apologize

The Center for Patient Protection has heard from many families across Canada, the U.S. and  Great Britain about their horrible hospital experiences.  Almost none ever received an apology. It could have made such a difference, and at little cost to the healthcare providers and professionals involved. Published in The Huffington Post

When Hospitals Do More Harm than Good

Published in The Huffington Post, November 1, 2013 The silent killer that stalks hospitals everywhere There is a medical emergency rolling across the land and into its hospital rooms. No drug is available to cure it, and it can be as lethal as any superbug. It is the epidemic of hospital medical errors that is […]