Society Needs to Bear Caregiving Duties, Too

If society wants the benefit of the reduced health care costs that come from keeping the elderly or those suffering from illness and injury in their homes and out of institutions, it is going to have to show more enlightened thinking toward those who are making these savings possible.  Read more in HuffPost.    

What if Dallas Were About to be Wiped Out –and Three Canadian Cities Too?

What if an epidemic wiped out the entire population of Dallas and continued on to Canada to kill everyone in Kingston, Shawinigan and Victoria?   Just the possibility would be enough to create a North American-wide healthcare emergency.  Yet medical errors in the United States will kill, by conservative estimates, some 1.2 million people between 2014 […]

DNR Decisions Need Rules to Protect Patients and Families

NDR Decisions Need to be Made a Whole Lot Safer, More Transparent and Less Emotionally Harmful  for Patients and Families.  A recent landmark ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada rejected a doctor’s unilateral right to deny life-sustaining medical treatment to a patient over the family’s objections. Attention needs to turn now to another life […]

Lack of Hospital Accountability Leaves Canadians at Risk

Many Canadians have learned the hard way that their healthcare system is not nearly as safe as it needs to be. Lack of adequate accountability is keeping it that way. And the reason, as more and more are discovering, is because it works so well for hospitals, policy makers and, now, lawyers. My family’s eye-opening […]